Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Libros de Arte

I got the Art of Tangled and the Art of Megamind this week, and both of these books are awesome! The Art of Tangled is worth the money for Glen Keane's sketches ALONE, never mind all the incredibly beautiful renderings and interesting insight into the design process. If you've got the money, these are both more than worth the price!

I'm looking at the art of Darksiders next but I'm curious if any of you have checked that one out? Thoughts?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm 25 years old today

...which is cool and all, but check these out.

Incredible, evocative storytelling in only a minute (second one is directed by David Fincher):

If only more commercials were done like those.  Thanks Camilo for showing me the second one!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you're in the D.C area on the weekend of January 14th, you should really stop by to check out this convention.

What is it?  Here's an excerpt from the website : Gigacon is an educational based, multimedia convention sponsored by The Art Institute of Washington (Aiw). We incorporate many of the majors at the AiW, such as; Media arts and Animation, Game Art, Graphic Design, Audio Production, Fashion, and many more. And we try our best to bring in professionals from each of those fields. Students, as well as faculty members, and outside visitors gain knowledge, tips, and tricks from the professionals at Gigacon.

Some of the folks that will be attending:

Humberto Ramos

Joe Benitez

Brian Stelfreeze

...and MORE.  This is the second time around for the con, which means it's still starting out, it's smaller, and it's WAY more intimate.  You'll have more time to get really thorough critiques from these masters of art, and there's time to actually hold conversations with these guys, which you unfortunately don't really get at the massive conventions like SDCC, where there are a thousand distractions every 7 seconds.  There's more info on the website, including a more comprehensive list of the guests that'll be attending.