Thursday, December 20, 2012


Been practicing a bit lately.  Nothing ultra sexy but I put together a 13 week lesson plan for myself, concentrating on studying a different topic each week.  In each week's folder I gathered the best tutorials, guides, demos and training videos I had to consolidate all the information in one place.  I'm more concerned with improving my drawing right now, way less concerned about painting.  It's been going pretty great  These are some of my Head and Hands studies!

Most of these faces look unfortunately dead and lifeless. I made the beginner mistake of sacrificing energy for the sake of attempting accuracy.

I drew over Glen Keane's Rapunzel sketches to try to get a good idea of how he was distorting the face to really get that powerful expression.  In some cases I altered what he drew depending on what I was feeling when I channeled the emotion of the expression, as opposed to just blindly tracing,

More dead faces. 

I think I learned my lesson a bit with the hands.  Still have a really long way to go but at least they don't look so mechanical and lifeless.

  I was planning on posting my progress every week, but my time to continue doing this will be limited because I just signed up for James Paick's Environment Design class!  The CGMA classes have a pretty good rep, and I've heard nothing but fantastic things about James Paick's class in particular, so I'm super excited to get started.  Ryan Lang highly recommended it in his demo, which pretty much was the final push for me to get on that. 


And finally, here's a random doodle that has inspired a whole new project!