Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pages and People

The comic pages were for a student show type of thing where like 12 of us collaborated to create a comic book story. Each person got 2 pages to tell their story, which had to make sense with the pages previous and the pages following. It was pretty fun, but I kinda wish I had put more time into it. But then I always wish that...and when I DO put more time into it, I overwork

The characters are for a fictional fighting game that Enrique and I created last quarter as part of a school project. Enjoy


Camilo said...

Nice. There a way to get the whole comic book to see how it all turned out when put together?

FeliciaDW said...

Oh, so it was like a 'round robin' sort of thing? That sounds fun! So I'm guessing yours take place in 'imaginary land'

Daniel Araya said...

unless they decide to scan them all, I doubt there's gonna be a way to do that.

And yeah Felicia, mine is in imaginary land. The pages after mine are Neil's and they show the detective as he actually looks.