Sunday, August 23, 2009


Been nailing down my look, and settling on the direction I want to take my work. Instead of working on the stuff I SHOULD be working on, this afternoon/evening was spent on this.

I'll do my best to explain what I did in each step, but I kinda just saved at random times so it doesn't make for the most in depth look into my process. Honestly, I barely even have a process, I just slap my tablet with the stylus until something comes out.

Uno) Rough sketch done in Autodesk Sketchbook pro on my tablet PC. I had no idea what I was going to doodle, so I defaulted to my standard "dude standing around" and gradually morphed him into Wolverine.

Ni) Flats. Pretty self explanatory. I tend to pick super ridiculously saturated reds for my base flesh tone, because I usually calm it down as I progress. Or not. I don't even know to be honest. i REALLY like the piece at this stage, in some ways more so than how it finally turned out.

Tres) Using a standard airbrush on a new layer, I glaze in some hue shifts. Some are arbitrary, some are super exaggerated (the face). I like to keep adding shifts in hue to keep things varied, as opposed to having big blocks of the same color.

4) On a multiply layer I paint in the basic shadow patterns.

Go) I paint some orange junk to indicate a strong natural light source.

Six) I strengthen the hell out of that light source, ad I paint in a bit of sub surface scattering. I crank the SSS all the way up for his ears, because I always do that. I think I also paint a bit of ambient occlusion under his chin and in some of the other more recessed parts of his figure. I also start painting a subtle light source on his arm to flesh it out a bit

7) I don't even think there's a difference. What a stupid step.

Hachi) Smoothed his shirt and started defining his jeans.

9) Paint his hand and hair, continue refining things here and there. It's a little hard to narrow down what I did because after step 4, I'm spastic as hell with my approach.

Sixteen) I add minor touch-ups that nobody will notice, and add the claw scratch thingies cuz they're KOOOOOL. Annnnnnd I'm done. No wait, one more thing. Ok now I'm done.


Jerald Lewis II said...

I really like the farmer tan Wolvureen...NICE

Ryan K Yee said...

This is badass addition to your portfolio man!

Mike Bear said...

that is really good.