Saturday, February 20, 2010

'arry Pottah

I know it's cool to say "I don't like Harry Potter" now, but I really did enjoy the books. What I did NOT like was the portrayal of Voldemort in the films. I always considered him to be really regal, and I thought that his sense of royalty was borne out of an intense vanity. He wants to be feared because he wants to be important, which is a very childlike quality and a big part of why I like the character. There's a scene in one of the books where Dumbledore keeps calling Voldemort by his real name Tom, and "Tom" has a small tantrum and insists he be called by his new name. It humanized the shit out of the character and told us everything we needed to know about who he was and why he turned out the way he did. I appreciated that, and tried to illustrate that self-importance here in this off-the-cuff doodle.

Also, a group of animation industry veterans have banded together to create this amazing educational, FREE blog. go learn something:


Abominable Dante said...

As far as villains go, yes, he seems childish, but in the same moment that humanizes him, it also makes him more frightening. Children are capable of horrible acts, and coupled with an adults power, that makes him a frightening foe indeed.

Wonderful picture of Voldemort.

Danny Araya said...

yeah I agree. Actually what you just said is the point I was trying to make, maybe I didn't phrase it well.

V said...

I love your work! How did you decide to become an artist?

Danny Araya said...

By being bad at everything else! Thanks for your support!