Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Epic Music

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with soundtracks. When it comes to music, the more theatrical the better for me. When I listen to that kinda stuff, I tend to get really inspired and my brain goes crazy thinking about movies, movie-making, shots, stories, images, and it feels like I'm on a creative high. I think the treatment of a soundtrack (or lack thereof) can EASILY make or break a movie and it's something that's overlooked by a lot of us visual types. I mean how much impact would that "married life" montage from Up have if that song wasn't there? How much identity did the soundtrack give to the original Star Wars? Anyway below are links to a few of my favorites, check them out.

Moving Mountains by Two Steps from Hell - It's pretty much as epic as it sounds, it's been used in a few shitty trailers -

Freedom Fighters by Two Steps from Hell - used in one of the Star Trek trailer song -

Hollywood and Vines by Michael Giacchino - It's the song they used in Lost when people walked around. This is the song they WALK AROUND to. (I recommend you fast forward to 1:00.) The version I'm linking to is one where someone combined the different versions of the song used in the show-

Baidir Trailer - And awesome trailer made in france as part of a pitch for a new animation project. It's pretty amazing -

Barbarian Horde by Hans Zimmer - It's from Gladiator. The whole reason I listen to this song starts at around 5:35 -


Camilo said...

I've got a pretty sweet station on Pandora with this type of music. I can't work with music that has lyrics, cause it distracts me, so this kind of stuff is great.

Unknown said...

what is too funny is i feel the same way!!! it helps me when sketching action scenes!!!