Saturday, January 15, 2011


Saw this scene on the way home today on the metro, and it made me laugh. It's January.

   In school I never animated much outside of my classes, mainly because I was never any good at it.  It really is a ton of fun though and I often wish I had the discipline (balls) to actually go through with making a short film.  Anyway this is one of those days where I felt like messing around with animating, and it was mostly because my friend Enrique posted up some of his old animation and I got inspired.


Jellyfish Opera said...

The bro spent his entire life on fire looks like he finally got....*puts on sunglasses* BURNED

Oh that was horrible.

Wonderful sketch dude! Great to see some more of your work!

You should totally do some animation on the side, even for a head wave, it was still cool

Ben Greene said...

haha, shake that thang! totally silly :P

Jerald Lewis II said...

NICE..."ah shor-tah what's up" (while scratching stomach ) "Nah meen" ....good stuff you captured the brothah the ladies bum nicely I'm quite impressed

Jav said...

Hey man, I met Enrique not too long ago and came across your work through his blog. Nice stuff ya got... Im lovin the DC CG movie character paintings.

Danny Araya said...

haha thanks for the kind words guys