Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some old Marvel work

I hate updating this thing so sporadically but I rarely find myself with time to do any personal artwork anymore.  On the bright side, we at Trendy Ent. finally have a release date for Dungeon Defenders (Console and PC), which has made everybody at the office 237 times less stressed out than before.  Please allow me to shamelessly plug it:


Regarding artwork I can post...here are some pieces I did around the beginning of this year for the Marvel Super Hero Squad trading card game.  I look back on some of these and feel that obligatory twinge of "Oh-My-God-Look-At-All-These-Mistakes"-itis, but it was a great learning experience and I nerded the hell out when I got to paint Thor and Sabretooth for a proffesional gig.

If these seem awkwardly composed, it's because I had to take into consideration how the image would look with all the final text and labels and stats and whatnot on the cards.

*EDIT*  Blogger seems to be randomly resizing the first two to be SUPER HUGE for some reason, I'm not sure how to fix this.


Mauricio said...

Bad-Ass! My personal fave out of this bunch seems to be the Blade one

Ben J Greene said...

Yeah, nice job making the black guy look good...guh!

In other news, nice post :D Now post some Dungeon Defenders arts!

FENTON said...

haha awesome!!

Marc Johnston said...

That's awesome, nice post :D