Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LEARNING HAPPENED (And another Justice League feature!)

Just trying to improve, slowly but sure. I've decided to do this exercise. I painted the face of an asian girl out of my imagination.

I knew I wanted her to have big lips and extremely prominent cheek bones, other than that I had nothin else in mind and went with whatever came to mind.

Next, I found photo reference and did a study of an Asian girl under similar lighting conditions. I used Grace Park because I'm a Battlestar Galactica nut.

Finally I did a third face, trying to apply what I learned from the study as much as possible. I think I learned a lot and I'm hoping the third face shows improvement from the first. I think this is a great exercise to directly apply what you learn from a study, and to help retain it by forcing yourself to see the flaws in your imaginative work and correct them.
I really recommend trying this out!  I'll be doing a LOT more of these

ALSO.  io9 posted about my JLA stuff, which is overwhelming me with geekout-ness.  There seem to be a lot of opinions about my stuff on there, for better or worse, but a lot of people have actually made some really good points about the flaws in my designs!  Anyway here's the article:



Camilo said...

You're famous! I hope you'll remember us little guys on the way to the top

Mauricio said...

yeah, these faces show the improvement you're after and i'm always a fan of doing studies! congrats on the JLA piece - that's awesome, and yeah, when you're dealing with these characters that are so beloved, you're always going to have the fanboys debating and picking on even the smallest of issues, whether good or bad.