Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I doodled Ness last night.


Anonymous said...

Very nice little doodle. I like the expression you put on Ness's face.

Anyway, I found your blog through 3PS. Apparently, Ian McConville is a big fan of your work (and rightly so).

Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future. Keep your head up boss, you'll get picked up for a job eventually!

Danny Araya said...

Hey thanks a bunch man, I appreciate the kind words.

Brandon said...

I posted a comment on your portfolio site. Sorry. That's a great idea btw. Love your work. You're quite versatile, which is rare in this industry. Keep drawing and painting. And don't get rid of that tablet. Let the blood-sucking student loan peeps come pry it from your hands!

Danny Araya said...

lol no worries Brandon, it's not a big deal. And oh man, I don't want to lose my baby but I've got no choice, I can't even find a retail job!