Monday, November 30, 2009

Pipes n shiyet

Last week I went to a sketchcrawl in Baltimore hosted by Sean Murray, which was a lot of fun. About 7 of us showed up, and there was lots of people/environment sketching done. I drew a horse and an insanely complicated gothic church (pieces of it anyway), which I can't show you guys because I don't have a scanner. It was fun times, super cold sketching and sketchbook sharing in a cozy coffee shop. I look forward to the next one. I drank a big ass, fancy-named coffee beverage which cost about as much as a mcdonald's meal.

I've been working on concepts to build my portfolio lately, which will be shown in another blog pretty soon. And totally unrelated, but I gotta start prep to move out of the apartment in the coming month/s. I'll pack the day before I gotta be outta here.


Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman said...

sketchcrawl sounds interesting. Glad you had fun. So what is going on with the move?

Danny Araya said...

financial stuffs. I'm movin back....home. Not quite yet though, still got some time.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Great stuff man! Saw your portfolio blog and was blown away! keep em coming.

Sean Andrew Murray said...

Awesome. Love your line work, it flows really well.

Thanks for coming to the sketchcrawl thing. Haven't had a chance to get the thread started on the website, been busy with lots of craziness. I will try to get it done this weekend.

Keep posting these awesome sketches!

Ty Carter said...

Great work Danny, I found your blog through a few links, glad to find it


Danny Araya said...

Justin: Thanks man, I appreciate it. I took a look at your portfolio and saw some really great stuff.

SAM: Yeah it was a lot of fun. Let me know (or get Ben to tell me) when you get the website up and running and I'll post the sketches as soon as I scan them.

Ty: Thanks!