Monday, June 28, 2010

More portfolio work

Finished another painting. I'm doing my best to focus on telling a story and maintaining dynamism.


Jellyfish Opera said...

Since I've started really studying and watching your work, I've felt you have the ability (and you use it to it's fullest) to tell a story in pretty much anything you draw, not just with a scene, but with a face.

Seeing how this one is more body language than anything since we can't see a face, it's certainly a step forward because I still get those feelings.

I espeically love the detail on the muscle man's back, that small bit of detail can tell a whole story in itself, I almost want to see more of these characters just from this scene (I've always been interested in stories about the quick and nimble partnered up with the big lumbering graceful brute).

About my only real problem with this piece of art are the little drips of water on the girl, they don't really seem like drops of water, maybe a little more fad and highlight might bring them out a little more.

All in all, I love this work, I always look forward to seeing your work, your a brilliant artist with amazing skill!

Danny Araya said...

wow, that's really appreciated man, thank you. And I agree with you about the water drops, I should have used ref!

Jellyfish Opera said...

Yeah little details like that, I've noticed there are about a thousand ways to go about getting the best results from. I've just come really fimilar with using FX tools or just drawing them as a seperate piece and putting it in.