Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ess Dee See See!

San Diego Comic Con is just 7 days away and I'm ridiculously excited. Last year was my first time going and it was such a massive sensory overload that I ended up missing a lot of tables and events because of my uncontrollable artgasms. If you're going and you know of any cool after parties, drink n draw sessions, sketchjams, whatever, let me know. I already plan to hit up Dan Panosian's event on Thursday night.

Also, a few things you should check out at the con:

Sunday 11:00-12:30 Comic-Con How-To Session: Bryan Tillman— Animator and art instructor (Department chair of media arts and animation, game art and design, visual game programming, visual effects, and motion graphics at the Art Institute of Washington, DC) Bryan Tillman will cover character designs for animation and what makes them different from comics. Bryan is the owner and CEO of the Kaiser Studio Productions, a production studio for comics, toys, animation, and games. Room 18

AND in Artist Alley you should go to EE16 to meet Bryan Tillman and Enrique Rivera. Both of them will have two other awesome artists at their tables, one of whom will be debuting artwork for The other will have an AMAZING comic called "The Solution" which has incredible artwork and an even more incredible story.

Mention my name and you get a free smile.